Why haven't I received any outreach from employers?

Our career network, Smartly Talent, is designed as an employer-first platform. This means that employers browse profiles and reach out to the candidates they are interested in. If an employer hasn't indicated interest in your profile specifically, you won't see activity on your Smartly Talent profile. We operate with this system because it allows candidates to review individual opportunities, rather than sending out large batches of applications to roles about which they have limited information. This system also helps prevent employers from being swamped with hundreds of unsuited applicants.

If you haven't received any outreach and are actively looking for a job, we recommend the following:

  1. Ensure that your profile status is set to actively looking. Read this for instructions on how to change your profile status. 
  2. Ensure that your profile is complete and high quality. Check out our quick guide to improving your profile for specific tips on how to do this.
  3. Review the roles you have stated you are interested in. When selecting roles for which you'd like to be considered, you should be certain that you have the requisite experience and skills to be considered a competitive candidate. 
  4. If you are looking to change your field or industry, consider how you describe your previous experiences and skills. For some people, switching may be tough. Consider including at least one (if not more) roles in which you have experience.

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