How are MBA grades calculated? - Class of April 2022 and previous

Yes, there are grades:

To earn your MBA degree, you must: 

  1. Complete all courses in the MBA curriculum within the required time frame.
  2. Achieve scores of at least 80% in the graded SMARTCASE lessons. (SMARTCASEs can be taken as many times as you want. Only the best score will be counted towards your final grade.)
  3. Complete all written projects by the required due date.
  4. Complete all proctored oral examinations by the required due date.
  5. Complete the midterm and final MBA exams. A score of 70% is considered a passing grade for both exams. While we encourage you to achieve a high score, receiving a score below 70% does not necessarily mean failing out of the MBA program, as SMARTCASEs and projects also contribute to your final score. For more about the exams, click here.
  6. Complete the Marketing project and presentation. In order to graduate, you must submit and pass both your written Marketing project (with a score of 2 or higher) and your Marketing presentation (with a score of 2 or higher).
  7. Submit the required documents that confirm your identity, eligibility and past academic performance as referenced in your MBA application. 

Your grade is weighted in the following way:

  • Midterm + Final: 70% 
  • SMARTCASEs: 10% (your best score for each SMARTCASE)
  • Projects & Presentations: 20%

A final overall score of 70% is the minimum to graduate. The distinction of Honors is awarded to the top 10% of each cohort upon graduation. Students who graduate behind schedule are not eligible to receive this distinction. Apart from the Honors distinction, as Quantic operates on a pass/fail basis, there are no class or personal ranks to provide. Please note that all grades are percentage-based, and not issued as letter grades or GPA.

More about the Projects & Presentations Grade - 20%

Over the course of this program, you will be assigned four projects and three proctored oral examinations. Case studies—in which the student gets to place him or herself in the role of business decision-maker—are a popular teaching method used to illustrate principles of business. Each case study or project we assign will be accompanied by a prompt and grading rubric. Grading will be based on the thoroughness and accuracy of your response.

You must submit these projects via email by 12 AM EST on the due date given in the prompt. For group projects, be sure to include the names of *all* group members in the submitted document. More information on how projects and presentations are graded can be found here.

More about SMARTCASE scores - 10%

As you progress through lessons in Quantic, feel free to explore different answer options (both correct and incorrect) that trigger helpful feedback. You are not expected to get all "correct answers" while you are learning—mistakes are half of learning, after all—so, you aren't graded on regular lessons. You are graded on SMARTCASE lessons, as mentioned above. Only your top score in SMARTCASEs will count towards your final grade, so you can feel free to take SMARTCASEs as many times as you like.

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