What types of employers and jobs are in the network?

Smartly Talent’s partner employers represent a wide range of industries, company sizes and cultures, and open employment opportunities. As of Summer 2019, we have over 500 companies signed up—and we're signing up more every week. Recruiters and hiring managers have come from established and multinational corporations (e.g., CapitalOne), innovative, mid-sized companies (e.g., Better Mortgage), and pioneering startups (e.g., CareDox). Industries represented are technology, manufacturing, non-profit, military, consulting, financial, media, energy, health care, consumer products, education, and retail.

We also have a partnership with ZipRecruiter to surface high-paying roles in business, technology, and finance within our network.

Hiring managers and recruiters in Smartly Talent are looking for candidates across various departments, including business, sales, and technical positions. Specifically, we've seen a demand for candidates suited for work in business development, data analysis, marketing, product management, software engineering, strategy, and more.

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