What’s the difference between the regional and global cohort sections?

Some admitted students will have the option to choose a regional or global cohort group. This is a matter of personal preference! Some enjoy having a group of classmates closer geographically, in similar time zones, with greater local networking opportunities, while others enjoy the diversity of thought and perspective from a more global group of peers.

Regional sections are often offered in lower income countries where tuition costs can be a greater obstacle for participation. We intentionally offer higher scholarships in them in line with our mission to provide greater access to the highest quality education worldwide. We encourage students to choose the option that fits both their budget and educational and career goals.

There is no difference in the curriculum or the degree, but the social learning environment where group projects, case studies, and discussions take place, will be only among peers from your region if you choose the region cohort section. Our optional In-person events are open to all students, from both regional and global cohort sections.

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