How can Quantic support me in getting Tuition Benefits from my company?

We encourage applicants to initiate a conversation with their manager or HR/benefits team to see if tuition assistance is applicable in their role and region. You can reach out to our Tuition Benefits Advisor ( at anytime to request the documents listed below. We have found that these documents are helpful with tuition benefit conversations:

  • Quantic Employer Brochure – this employer-focused PDF highlights key advantages of the program and explains how employee skills acquired through the program will have an immediate impact on their organization.
  • Quantic Tuition Sponsorship Guide – this document outlines how to best talk with your employer about Quantic and tuition support. A linked sample letter template will be included to help you initiate a conversation with your employer and/or strengthen your case for sponsorship.
  • Tuition Benefits Support Guide – this comprehensive guide includes samples of the documents you may need to submit for tuition benefits and where to find them (i.e progress reports, invoices, tuition receipts, etc).
  • Progress Reports: Applicants can request a sample progress report that many of our students use to facilitate tuition reimbursement. While it's a sample, it has the applicable course names, IDs, dates, and credits per concentration for the cohort to which you applied. It also includes links to the full schedule and school catalog. You will also see that concentrations are delivered one at a time rather than in terms or semesters. We also include an unofficial tuition breakdown by concentration. Many of our students are able to submit these progress reports for reimbursement following their individual completion. Students can request their progress reports from our billing department ( at any time during program enrollment and many will submit them for reimbursement following the completion of individual courses.

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