How does the MBA differ from the Executive MBA degree program?

The Executive MBA program is built on the same revolutionary interactive teaching methodology as the MBA, with much overlap in the specific courses taught. It has added coursework designed for mid-career managers and leaders including those in corporate governance, leadership, management and higher level strategy. As a result, the level of work experience in the student population of each program is different: over 90% of MBA students have less than 7 years of experience, while over 90% of those in the Executive MBA program have more than 7 years of experience.

While admission standards are similar, because of the range in work experience, the MBA evaluations do tend to focus more on prior academic credentials while those of the Executive MBA weight career accomplishments higher.

The nature of the group project work is different between the two programs. You can refer to the Curriculum tabs of the website for more detailed information. While both programs leverage social learning technology for activities and case studies and offer in-person events for group learning and networking, those are structured differently to cater to the different experiences, backgrounds, and interests of our students as well.

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