What are the peer / group learning opportunities in the MBA programs?

As a student in the Executive MBA program you will partake in: 

  • Student Peer-to-Peer Learning
    You and your peers will have access to a robust group-learning platform through which you will receive class exercises, interact with your classmates, and build on each others' knowledge on a weekly basis.
  • Executive MBA Student Network
    The Student Network, a platform that is free to all students and alumni, allows you to search for and connect with others in the student community based on attributes like graduation year, location, and academic and career interests. Find your co-founder, your study-partner, or explore a map of events happening in your area and around the world! Examples of recent events include "Business Book Club" and "Library Demo." You can see a limited preview of the Student Network here: https://quantic.edu/student-network
  • Group Projects
    You’ll have the opportunity to work with a small group of classmates on several projects throughout the Executive MBA program, including the final project in which you demonstrate knowledge that you’ve learned throughout the whole program.
  • Optional In-Person Weekend Conferences  
    Open to both current students and alumni, these conferences held around the world are opportunities to network with fellow classmates and to partake in group learning activities in person. Conferences span multiple days and occur about four times per year. Previous locations have included Washington D.C., Singapore, Copenhagen, and Seattle. In the video below, a few of our Executive MBA students review how the conferences positively contribute to the student experience. Participation in conferences is encouraged but not required.

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