What is different about how Quantic teaches?

When we designed Quantic, we set out to build a platform that leverages interactivity in a way that isn’t possible in the physical classroom. We came up with a system that focuses on three principles.

First, we build your skills and knowledge through constant feedback. With interactions every 8 seconds, we reinforce correct answers, and we give you more information when you’re wrong. This method of individualized instruction is more effective than one-size-fits-all lectures because it allows you to test your understanding as you’re learning rather than after the fact.

Second, we focus on creating engaging, conversational, and humorous lessons to make what you’re learning memorable.  Instead of simply broadcasting facts like you would encounter in traditional classrooms, we integrate stories and real-world examples that build mental models quickly and make knowledge stick.

Finally, you can complete most Quantic lessons in under 10 minutes. We know that our students are busy professionals juggling many responsibilities, so we craft our lessons to be easy to consume when they have time in their day. 

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