Is the Quantic Executive MBA comparable to a traditional top program?


We develop our courses in conjunction with subject-matter experts and business school professors to meet the rapidly evolving needs of professionals from different countries, industries and academic backgrounds, with a focus on leadership and management. We also provide opportunities to specialize in topics important in today’s workplace, such as data science, digital marketing and entrepreneurship. Like other Executive MBA programs, the curriculum is enhanced by the diverse knowledge and experiences that our students bring to the program. We use the case method to simulate difficult decisions that our students might be faced with and create opportunities for participants to debate and defend their views to their classmates. Our students graduate with the same skills and frameworks as students from top business programs, and we hold ourselves to the same traditional standards of excellence.

In an independent academic study, Quantic users performed better than MBA students from HBS, Stanford, Wharton, and Fuqua in a test of accounting, and performed as well as the MBA students in a test of finance. While there will always be benefits to physical campus-based environments, we're proud of our hybrid approach which combines the convenience and flexibility of online learning, the efficacy and rigor of a unique interactive curriculum, and our optional in-person events for learning and networking with exceptional global peers. We're on a mission to democratize access to elite caliber business education and disrupt the cost structure associated with it. We're excited to offer a true alternative to the best traditional universities in the world.

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