How do I pay tuition? / What are the methods of payment?

Methods of Payment

Quantic accepts the following forms of payment.

Credit Card Payments

You can make a credit card payment by following the instructions on the registration page in your Quantic program. If you are not automatically taken to the registration page upon login, you can navigate there by selecting Your Account from under your name in the top right corner and then selecting Application Status from the left menu.  
From the registration page, you will be presented with several tuition options; choose one and follow the on-screen instructions to enter your credit card information. For the monthly option, you will be billed on the same day each billing cycle. For example, if your initial payment is charged on January 12, your next payment will take place on the 12th of each subsequent month. For the 2-payment option, you will be billed once upon registration and again one year later.
If you require a receipt for your payment, please e-mail [email protected] with your request.

Wire Transfers

Quantic will accept payment via wire transfer for the single and 2-payment tuition plan options. Please contact  [email protected] for routing numbers and additional banking information.
Please note that Quantic does not charge for the receipt of wire transfers; however, international wires are often subject to a fee from an intermediary bank between the sending and the receiving banks. Check with your bank to determine what fees may apply to your wire transfer and adjust the amount of your transfer accordingly. Once your transfer is received, you will receive a receipt via email.

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