Can I do all the same things in the Quantic mobile app that I can do when I access Quantic from a browser?

Yes! We designed our product with a mobile-first mentality, which means that the Quantic experience is just as rich in our mobile app as it is in a browser. Just as in the browser experience, the Quantic mobile app gives you access to all courses and lessons, lets you browse courses and lessons by subject, lets you share content with your friends, lets you pick up your coursework right where you left off, lets you view your account and profile information, and much more! (Phew, that's a long list!). 

In some cases, you may also want to have a computer handy - for example, if you're taking a course that teaches the use of a software program that is best accessed from a computer, like Microsoft Excel.

Conveniently access Quantic with one touch by downloading our app for iPhone and our app for Android.

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