Alumni Survey, Statistics, and Testimonials

Quantic runs a number of student and alumni surveys to our community of degree candidates and graduates that result in satisfaction rates in the same range as elite residential programs. Our students attribute job changes and promotions directly to our degree programs, based on the survey results.

Recent Alumni Post-Graduation Survey Sample:

Question  % Affirmative
Percentage of graduated students indicating they were employed full-time or part-time at start of program. 86.1%
Percentage of graduated students indicating they are employed full-time or part-time after graduation. 91.7%
Since enrolling in the Quantic MBA, have you ever received a promotion (in the form of salary increase, title change, etc.)? 50.0%
Would you attribute your promotion at all to your participation in Quantic's MBA program? 83.3%
Since enrolling in the Quantic MBA, have you switched jobs to join another company? 44.4%
Would you attribute your job switch at all to your participation in Quantic’s MBA program? 62.5%
Do you have a more senior role than at your previous job? 43.8%
Is the new company in a different industry than your previous company? 81.3%

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"Graduating from Quantic has helped me advance my career. I was able to gain a raise and promotion based on the new skills and education I have received. I was able to prove to upper management that I was ready to take on additional responsibilities within the company and expand my vertical market. Quantic has provided me with a deeper understanding of how business works. The EMBA program was world class and provides the opportunity to further your education and career, is more affordable than you think, and the platform is fun and easy to use. I would recommend Quantic to anyone who is serious about taking their education to the next level!" - John F. (United States)

"The Quantic MBA has been a fantastic experience. The learning has been easily accessible and thorough, and I used lots of it at work before I’d even finished the course! It even helped me fast-track my career and get an 80% pay rise in a new role. Thank you!" - Harriet R. (United Kingdom)

"My journey with Quantic MBA was very timely since I was working on launching my startup early last year. Being an electrical engineer & scientist by training, I never had any training with the know-how of skill sets needed for running a company. Now, I wear multiple hats in my company as CEO developing marketing & financials plans, do balance sheets & crunch numbers to compute company valuations for investments. After the Quantic program, I feel capable & confident in making daily business decisions for my company!" - Kush A. (Singapore)

"Quantic's EMBA program has been a journey of knowledge, experience, and reflection for me. I learned countless helpful and relevant things for my professional and personal life through their well-designed program and fun courses. I believe taking this program challenged me in many different and new ways and helped me grow as a person. I am very satisfied with my choice to enroll in Quantic's EMBA." - Jan T. (Germany)

"As a marketing executive for a national retail company and investor in various businesses, I was knocking on my ceiling of knowledge from a career based on a BA and experience. As a father, I didn't have time to go back to school while employed full-time and needed a better option where I could acquire the knowledge I desired in an online setting. The Quantic EMBA program was perfect for me and really helped with my finance skills and mathematics. Upon completion, I left my job and finally started my own business! Never been happier and thankful I invested in myself through Quantic." - Ryan G. (United States)

"The modularised course material was simply outstanding. The sync between the app and the webpage was seamless. The curriculum was interesting and engaging. The pacing maximised the growth of knowledge throughout the year. The assessments deepened my learning, while always feeling attainable, and the approach filled me with confidence in my ability to apply the concepts in the real world. Quantic is the future of learning, and the world just become a little more exciting!" - Kyle G. (Australia)

"Quantic MBA is for aspiring business leaders who want to make an impact on the the world. The case based learning is definitely a great way to conceptualise and demonstrate concepts.   After completing the Marketing and Entrepreneurship concentrations I started my online business; currently, I’m running two niche stores. Hope everything goes well!" - Simao L. (Mozambique)

"I had a great experience with Quantic. Being employed full-time, an online EMBA was my only option. Quantic was significantly better than my prior online education experiences because of the frequent interactions with the app/site that helped me retain information so much better. Also, the other students were fantastic to work with on projects, and on our weekly calls and slack interactions. I joined so that I could be more confident in speaking to senior execs about things I did not study in my undergrad. I feel much more confident and able to add value to my organization now. In addition, the tools I got from Quantic have helped me to grow my small business in a big way as well!" - Aaron C. (United States)

"Quantic MBA is a very innovative and intuitive learning platform. It enables working executives to learn while working. It is essentially the best of both worlds where you can apply what you have learnt on your job immediately." - Chester J. (China)

"An exceptional digital disruptor designed to give future leaders the insights, strategy and knowledge to navigate the complex business ecosystem—all with full mobility, flexibility and the freedom to work to your own learning style. Burn those old school manuals—this is the future of learning, hands down." - William B. (Hong Kong)

"I have worked my entire career in higher education so I had some healthy skepticism over learning online, in a new way, from a new school. I took the free courses and found I really enjoyed them and ended up signing up for the program without knowing if I would ever add it to my resume or not. The style and quality of program really surprised me—I was learning easily and enjoying myself in a way that wasn't too disruptive to my life. I enjoyed my cohort and started to engage in student meetups and a conference which really rounded out the experience for me. As my year in the program wraps up, I've learned a lot and gained a lot of new connections to amazing people all over the world. Better yet, I was promoted not once, but twice, in the year since I began my program after having been a bit stuck in my career. Choosing this program has been an excellent decision and the program has far exceeded my expectations." - Corrine B. (Canada)
"Quantic was invaluable in its flexibility. I did not have to put my career on pause, nor did I have to commute or accept a rigid schedule of night classes to get my MBA. Flexibility and a competency-based approach made a ton of sense to me, so I rolled the dice, and I am thrilled with the return on investment." - Timothy N. (United States)

"Quantic is how education should look like in the 21st century: online, self-paced and interactive. With Quantic, I learned crucial business concepts and connected with a global cohort of future leaders—exactly what I wanted from an MBA." - Marek S. (Czech Republic)

"Quantic EMBA not only broadened my skills and knowledge but surprised me with an online learning platform that you get addicted to. Studying with Quantic gave me the opportunity to enjoy undistracted time, fully focused on learning. I enjoyed also working on case studies with our global, diverse teams online and made some great new friends!" - Jari S. (Finland)

"As a hard of hearing, deaf individual, distance learning education can be a trial by fire. Believe me, I have done it all: on-site classes with and without assistance; online classes with un-captioned class videos or just bad audio clips. I haven’t let that deter me. I have a Masters in Organizational Leadership and a Project Management certificate. I was one of the youngest supervisors and assistant deans with over 60 direct reports and manage $1 million dollar projects regularly. My team and I were heroes completing projects and getting things done. But, I knew there was something missing that was holding me back. I had a wealth of information about leading teams and projects, but there was a business operations gap. I had been looking for years at MBA programs. Quantic’s EMBA program has filled that gap. Like my previous online degrees, Quantic gave me the freedom to work on my own time using the course app coupled with modern technology (Slack and Zoom) to communicate with my classmates. I have used Blackboard, LoudCloud and other education-made classrooms for years. Quantic’s version blows everything I’ve used in the past out of the water. Are there things I could change about the program? Yes. But I would say the same things about all the other classes and programs I have taken as well. Changes make it better for everyone! If you’re deaf or hard of hearing, this program is amazing and it focuses on what you see not what you hear. If you are a working adult, this is a program that will answer a million of those small questions that you have had over the years. If you are a small business owner—this is an absolute must! It’s like the mentor that you never had." - Rose H. (United States)

"With Quantic, I was able to balance the demands placed on me as an employee, father, husband and business leader while managing to earn an EMBA. This would not have been possible without the flexibility and helpful staff that Quantic provides." - Paolo S. (Australia)

"As a business co-owner experiencing growth and potential exit of a co-founder, I realised I had to understand how to scale our business from an owner-run business to a fully scaleable entity. This required an understanding of the multitude of facets of running a successful business. Quantic provided knowledge and insight. I now feel well-equipped to enter this next phase." - Mulemba K. (United Kingdom)
"The Quantic program was perfect for me! I juggle a very intense job with being a single parent and joining a local university was no option for me because of these two factors. I was looking for a program that allowed me to get my degree while having the freedom to study whenever it suited my schedule. Even while on vacation, I was able to study poolside using the Quantic app. I can only recommend this program, I certainly feel like it enriched my knowledge and I feel much better prepared for my next career step. Thank you Quantic!"  - Sabrina C. (Switzerland)
"Quantic has provided me an EMBA within one year—a feat I would never have expected to complete as a full-time working mom. Instead of playing a brain game on my phone after the kiddo's asleep, I do an hour or so of coursework. As a software sales professional, I feel more confident in my understanding of business concepts and my ability to communicate and empathize with clients of all backgrounds given my new-found knowledge around the nature of their work." - Julia F. (United States)

"The EMBA program is a very well thought-out program—it's exciting and challenging at the same time! I enjoyed the structure, and appreciated the fact that I could move within this structure. I also appreciated that I could still work full-time in a very busy job! I find the content current and realistic, with a sense of fun, instilled with injections of theory and significant resources and value. I really enjoyed connecting with a diverse set of classmates and have learned a lot from them about other industries and socioeconomic aspects in different countries, just by working together. This program presented great and varied perspectives. I enjoy learning and affecting positive change through differences, and I found that this was easily done within the program." - Ghee K. (Australia)

"Quantic has given me the opportunity to study excellent and easy accessible content on the go within an already busy program, deepening cross functional knowledge and confidence, and empowering me with new skills and ideas which I use on a daily basis. A world of opportunities has opened up in and outside of my organization. Thanks Quantic!" - Frederik B. (South Africa)

"As a busy founder of a new small business, I appreciated Quantic's ability to offer the EMBA program that conveniently works around my schedule at an affordable price. As I progressed through my studies, my confidence in the following topics greatly improved: accounting, marketing, leading organizations, managing time, and analyzing potential profits of future projects. Although people cautioned me that my small business will probably be in the red for the initial three to five years, I am happy to say that my small business is finally profitable with less than two years of providing pharmacy consulting services! Thank you Quantic for helping me better market myself to pursue profitable projects and services that address my clients' pain points." - Ross P. (United States)

"Quantic really changed my life. I gained deeper knowledge about the business world in so many aspects. Its self-paced program made it possible for me to learn new knowledge about business every week, finish the program on time, and get an MBA degree at the same time as pursuing my career goals." - Annisa S. (Indonesia)

"This was almost exactly what I was looking for in regards to obtaining an EMBA. I was able to gain the insights I needed and the educational components were easy to digest while being fun at the same time. The networking events I was able to attend were important and integral to the overall process of learning. I think that Quantic has done a great job in what it is offering and is continually trying to improve to give the students not only what they are asking for but what the industry is demanding in regards to this type of program. I would highly recommend this EMBA for working career individuals that are looking to gain more knowledge and want to take a step forward in their career with an EMBA." - Rick M. (United States)

"The Quantic coursework is interactive and I found the teaching method much more effective than the static and video based programmes on equivalent platforms such as LinkedIn Learning. The quality of the student cohort is also very good, with great networking opportunities." - Vishnu P. (United Kingdom)

"The Quantic EMBA program is challenging, fast-paced but highly valuable. The interactions with other students or in group studies on joint work have been a great pleasure to be part of. The knowledge and skills gained can be further used for work and other side projects. But as with all work, the self-discipline is key to success within this program same as work or anything else you do. Looking forward to utilizing the alumni network and additional lessons in the future for further self-improvements." - Eduard H. (Italy)

"I have never thought of myself to be someone who would ever pick a business management degree. I always thought I didn’t have the mindset. However, I had reached a point in my career where I was looking to gain more experience in program management and diversify my talents. I had an idea for a business venture and Quantic has provided me a great platform to identify and explore my interests. Each course is designed keeping in mind that we need to understand the most complex of concepts in the simplest way! I was amazed at how I could pace my studies on my own terms and complete the program within the stipulated time. No pressure, just happy studying!" - Krishnaveni T. (United States)

"Quantic is by far the best and most innovative online learning experience I have ever had. The Executive MBA, in particular, is perfectly suited for professional life. Short, clear and impactful teaching sequences make the follow-up of the training extremely simple and addictive!" - Rémi P. (France)

"The Quantic EMBA is great value for money: a comprehensive course, studying is fun, great possibilities for exchange and discussions with fellow students, very useful additional services. Quantic staff is very helpful and provides timely responses to questions that come up during the course. For me, it was definitely the right choice!" - Christine W. (Austria)

"Everything about the Quantic program is brilliant from the weekly coursework to the Capstone Project. Great support from the Quantic family; they really care and provide wonderful guidance through your educational journey. I enjoyed the Business Foundations, Accounting, and Markets & Economies modules. This has helped me to understand setting a secure business foundation is key for success. Plus the Startup Entrepreneurship specialization module was awesome too. I would highly recommend the EMBA at Quantic; I’m excited, I’ve been utilizing the skills I’ve learned and it’s paid off with a promotion. Quantic—thank you; I have valued every week of education over the last year. It was amazing." - Kenneth R. (United States)

"Quantic MBA is a great platform to reconcile career aspirations, flexibility and a great network. I had an absolutely positive experience with the program in terms of study quality, materials, people and curriculum. Quantic sets the stage for a new era of e-learning without forgetting the importance of being part of a community with inclusive communication and sharing. It is the new milestone for how teaching can be transformed." - William C. (Slovakia)

"I chose Quantic because many professionals with exceptional academic/industry backgrounds validated its credentials. I learned why upon starting my Quantic journey—the EMBA is carefully designed to introduce and immerse students in business training in a really fun way without compromising rigour, while creating a network of professionals across different continents. It's extremely differentiated value at amazingly low price—a true blue ocean." - Cyril E. (United States)

"The EMBA from Quantic is one of the best programs I have been through in my 13 year career in Learning and Development. The micro-learning delivery on the mobile coupled with the application focus through case studies made learning stick. An amazing cohort of peers enhanced the learning experience. I moved to a new job during the final month of completion of my EMBA and I largely credit the skills showcased during interviewing to the Quantic EMBA. I have already recommended the program to many colleagues and will continue to do so." - Ashirvad L. (United Arab Emirates)

"Going through the Quantic EMBA program is perhaps the best investment I have made in myself in recent times. Not only are the courses designed to provide an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, the language it's presented in is easy to follow even if you have no prior familiarity with the subject. And I could learn at a pace that suited my schedule while still keeping with the program. The discussions with cohort members in Slack were always enlightening, each one eager to learn and share knowledge and experiences. And best of all, I was able to leverage the Quantic experience for two professional promotions. What more can one ask for?" - Ifeoma E. (United States)
"Quantic MBA was the best thing that happened to me last year! It gave me the chance to access up-to-date, valuable and structured information whenever and wherever I wanted. Now I see the business world from a wider angle, and understand the actions each player takes. Thank you Quantic for making me more courageous and wiser than before!" - Çağdaş Ü. (Germany)

"The Quantic EMBA was exactly what I was looking for. The curriculum took my working experience and provided context from a theoretical level. I also wanted to up my personal education—it’s amazing how much this course has changed my outlook on many different areas of business and I wished I had this knowledge 10 years ago. I highly recommend taking this program." - Maximilian J. (Canada)

"I learned a lot from the program and from my peers! It is a great experience to be connected with people from all around the world, to collaborate, and to share knowledge and experiences. The environment was always very respectful and inclusive. I gained skills that are very valuable in today's fast-paced working environments and discovered the power of leveraging knowledge from around the world! I highly recommend this program!" - Rosa S. (United States)
"Quantic is full of wonders. The content, the people, the study mechanics. It was a year full of joy and valuable learnings! I must admit I started the process quite wary of the “Free MBA” slogan and I am happy to say my worries were completely unfounded. I was taken on a great ride and there aren’t enough words to express my gratitude towards the amazing Quantic staff. For all your efforts and continuous support and, most of all, your unwavering dedication to disrupting the educational system—thank you!" - Bozhidar I. (United Kingdom)

"The Quantic program is intensive, playful and delivered in a gamified way that helps make the content and principles sticky. I highly recommend the course to anyone whose mindset is focused on the journey and learning experience." - Neil W. (Hong Kong)

"I was nervous to start a self-paced MBA program that was solely online, but the program at Quantic is concise and thought provoking. The courses and SmartCases make learning the information applicable to real-world situations, which is needed when doing online learning. It was great that I was able to log in on my schedule and complete things on my own time. I could participate in a discussion from anywhere! My online courses were surprisingly interactive. I feel that in the online setting, I was able to connect with people in my cohort easier because you have the opportunity to communicate on your own terms. I really enjoyed my Quantic experience." - Ashley M. (United States)

Starting a year long study program while having a full time job and a toddler at home felt like a daunting endeavor. However, the Quantic EMBA program made studying easy and enjoyable. The course material was fun, yet high-class. Everything was broken into 5-10 minute parts, that are doable even while waiting for a bus. I have learned a lot and met some amazing people along the way. At a fraction of the cost of comparable programs, Quantic is also great value. Definitely recommended!" - Johannes L. (Finland)

"Great content delivered in an engaging, insightful and fun way. So much more enjoyable to study at my own pace with a flexible schedule. Huge kudos especially to the creators of the Accounting module; they explained accounting more simply and effectively than in the Accounting module I took during the third year of my studies (Cambridge University, Manufacturing Engineering Tripos). Overall, I highly recommend Quantic to anyone wanting to learn the content covered in an MBA course in a flexible, affordable and fun way!" - Kamran T. (United Kingdom)

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