In-Person Meetups and Events

What are In-Person Meetups and Events? 

We are delighted that you are interested in In-Person Meetups and Events! These are predominately student-hosted events and take place in metro areas worldwide. A Meetup can be a casual networking mixer at a coffee shop or bar, a tour of Facebook’s NYC Headquarters (true story), or anything in between. Read more about how to attend and host an In-Person Meetup or Event below! 

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How do I attend an In-Person Meetup or Event?

Each event is a bit different. While most events are free to attend, some may have a payment or registration fee, so make sure that you read each invitation carefully and follow the instructions. To give our hosts the most accurate headcounts possible, we do ask that you RSVP accurately and let us know as soon as possible if your attendance status changes. 

We advertise all events in three ways: via Email, Slack, and the Quantic Network. We post upcoming events in each cohort's Slack workspace on a weekly basis. Please note that you will only receive email invitations to meetups being held near the location you list on your Quantic profile. If you move, please make sure to update your location as soon as possible so that you do not miss out on invitations to events near you! If you are traveling and wish to see the events near your current location, simply check the Network tab and scroll through the events list.

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How do I apply to host an In-person Meetup or Event?

So glad you asked! The first step is to fill out an In-Person Meetup or Event application. Event hosts are responsible for planning meetups, activities, and events for Quantic and Valar students and alumni to help foster an ongoing community in their areas. You can host just one or multiple meetups for your community. 

Hosting includes planning the itinerary of the meetup, including but not limited to venue and date selection, day-of coordination, and communication with attendees and Quantic staff. Hosts will act as event facilitators, welcoming fellow students and alumni to the events and making sure they run smoothly. Quantic staff will also assist you in advertising the event, tagging the event on our social media pages, and tagging you, the host, to make sure your accomplishments are shared with your network as well! 

If your application is approved, you will attend a virtual orientation session to familiarize yourself with Quantic hosting procedures. 

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Does Quantic fund in-person meetups and events? 

Quantic regularly provides funding for student events that provide exceptional networking experiences for the Quantic community. Well-planned events with thorough descriptions are more likely to get funding, so get creative! However, many events, such as casual happy hours, do not require funding. Keep in mind that events that don’t require funding might have an easier approval process. You must fill out an application to request funding. 

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