Leveraging the Quantic Network

Now that you know that networking is a crucial component of career change and career growth (check out these recent statistics), it's time to grow your network.  

Wondering where to start? Hint: Start with the amazing, global Quantic network! 

Click on the word Network in the Quantic app, and you are ready to begin.

Seeking a specific location? Start by selecting a particular degree (or explore them all), then select your target location to view who you can connect with. Want more features? Select Advanced Search. 

Use preset features in the Advanced Search or type in your own keywords to view people with the same background or interests.

Once you view a profile, you can find cohort, location, industry/function, interests, etc. Also, great news - Click contact and you can directly reach out!

The Quantic network will automatically increase your response rate as it defaults to showing your connection in the subject line. Don't forget to write a strong outreach note (make sure to check out our tips for ideas and samples) and hit send.

Happy Connecting! 

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