Student Success Tips

Graduate level programs can sometimes feel overwhelming. You may be wondering how you will manage your academic studies with your busy schedule. We recommend that you plan at least one hour each day during the week to log into the dashboard, work through lessons, and engage with your peers on Slack. Utilize your weekends for project work when you potentially have more time to dedicate to your studies outside of the work week. Consistency helps students to maintain motivation as they move throughout the program. Students who manage their time in this manner tend to be more successful.

Our recommendations are perfectly captured by recent Quantic EMBA graduate, Dirk Dreschler. Read his words of advice below:

1.  Do as many specializations as possible at the beginning of the program. It will get you used to a study habit and to the exams and it will give you some slack later in the program or the time to complete extra specializations.

2. Stay on track! The information isn't that complicated or difficult (some is), but the main struggle is that it is a lot. It's best to follow the given schedule so that you don't fall behind. It's hard to get back on track.

3. Cancel all non-essential appointments and tasks during the project week(s). You have to take a deep dive into the project in the given time. It is certainly possible to achieve a nice result, but it will cost you some extra time and discipline.

4. Find a study habit. During the week, I followed the classes on my mobile according to the specified schedule. During exam week, I went through every lesson on my computer and took notes and did the exam on Saturday or Sunday morning. The course summary guide can help you take notes.

5. Collaborate with colleagues on the projects. Besides the fact that it is more fun to work together, you also learn a lot from others' perspectives and knowledge. Be proactive when the groups are formed.

6. Join the community! Quantic has succeeded in forming a community with highly educated and motivated professionals. Join the communication channels to be a part of it. And if you have the opportunity, definitely visit a conference.

7. Celebrate your achievements. We all put a lot of effort into the MBA. It is very motivating to see others making progress during the program and to celebrate it together.

8. Be prepared for the energy and enthusiasm of the incredible Quantic team with lovely people such as the Quantic Engagement Team (your Slack coordinators and conference planners).

9. Join the in-depth webinars (especially those around the modules) and finish the extra lessons e.g. on excel and pitch decks. It will help you to successfully finish those modules.

10. Enjoy the journey. I really like taking in new information and knowledge, applying it in real situations and being part of a dynamic human environment. Quantic offers this. You will learn a lot and also meet many great people from all over the world.

11. Give extra love to your family and friends once you are done with the program. It takes sacrifices to find the time and mental energy to follow the program. They have missed me and I missed them. I thanked them for their patience and support a thousand times.

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