Optimal Planning for Exams

If you haven’t already, please make sure you read about exams.


When you’re prepared to take an exam, it might be helpful to block a one-hour window of time in which to concentrate on your exam. It’s important to take your time, even writing your answers on paper before clicking on the screen (especially for more quantitative subjects). Remember, once you open your exam, you'll have limited time to complete it. Take breaks if you need to.


Make sure to create an optimal environment for the exam period. Take note of what helps you be most successful. It might be a completely silent room or a space where you can quietly play background music. Minimize distractions where possible (e.g. turn email and phone notifications off). Natural light tends to keep you energized and helps you to maintain focus.

Use Your Resources

Don’t forget that exams are open book, so make sure to have any course summaries or relevant materials nearby while taking your exam. Utilize the "Explain This Screen" feature to help as you progress through your lessons.

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