What is the tuition cost of the MBA degree programs?

This year's fees are just $9600 USD, billed as a single up-front payment, as two payments at the start and conclusion of the program, or divided into 12 equal monthly payments. Students are eligible for refunds according to our refund policy. In addition to the online MBA curriculum, we offer optional networking and learning weekends in different cities around the world. The cost to attend varies from $300 to $600 per event, and students are responsible for their travel and accommodation.
We are proud of the innovative tuition model that helps us democratize access to elite caliber business education through dramatically lower tuition costs compared to traditional alternatives. We begin with a radically affordable degree enabled in part by our model which charges companies who recruit students in our optional career network. From there, we offer need and merit-based scholarships and work with employers who offer tuition reimbursement as part of their standard HR benefits, in many cases bringing student costs down to $0.

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