Where Can I Find Events

There are three main ways to find out what events are happening here at Quantic: 


The Student Network is available via your Quantic dashboard on mobile and desktop devices. It includes a searchable database of Quantic students and alums, enabling you to filter your results by program, location, keywords, industry, interests, and more. If you want to contact someone you find in the Network, you can compose and send messages through the Network that will reach the recipient by email. You can find out more about using the Student Network in this video. The Student Network also houses an Events portal. Clicking "Events" will open a scrollable list of Quantic events you can access. As you scroll down, you'll see events occurring further and further into the future. Each event contains a description with additional details and a registration link if relevant. This portal is updated frequently, so check it regularly for upcoming events!


You will receive regular emails about all virtual and in-person events, so whitelist quantic.edu! Please note that you will only receive email invitations to meetups near the location you list on your Quantic profile. If you move, please update your location as soon as possible so that you get all the invitations to events near you! If you are traveling and wish to see the events near your current location, check the Network tab and scroll through the events list. 


We post upcoming events and other engagement opportunities in the #events channel in each cohort's Slack workspace every week, so ensure you are logged in and checking regularly! 

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