All about how Quantic uses Slack

Quantic will use Slack as a platform for a number of things, including; getting to know your classmates, signing up for group projects, engaging in discussion on course materials and concepts, and receiving notifications about course administrative topics. 

You will receive a link to join your cohort’s Slack group along with additional orientation information the week prior to your cohort’s start date. There will be members of Quantic staff available in the Slack rooms to help answer any questions that might come up as you go through the program! 

Below are some details about the channels you can expect to see in your Quantic Slack Workspace and some frequently asked questions:

What is each channel for?

  • #_general is for program-wide communication and announcements. Major announcements, such as project prompts and course information will be posted to this channel. 
  • #coursework is for questions about the Quantic courses and/or concentrations. Ask your fellow classmates! 
  • #events is where Quantic staff will post events and other engagement opportunities. You can also find upcoming events by clicking 'Events' in the Network tab on your Quantic dashboard!
  • #info_directory is where contact information, FAQs, videos, and other need-to-knows and helpful links will be posted. 
  • #networking is where you should introduce yourself and make connections with your fellow classmates.
  • #questions is where you can ask questions specific to Quantic staff, such as clarifying due dates or project submission requirements. 
  • #reading_room is where Quantic staff will post course-relevant articles, videos, and reading recommendations - all carefully curated by our academic experts. You are also welcome to post articles that you found interesting as well!  

FAQs about Slack

How do I download Slack?

Visit this website to download Slack. 

Can I submit a project via Slack?

No. Projects must be submitted via email at [email protected]

Can I request an exam or project extension via Slack?

No. Extension requests must be submitted via email at [email protected] or [email protected]

Can I request to defer my enrollment to another cohort via Slack? 

No. Deferral requests must be submitted via email at [email protected] or [email protected]

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