Citations and Plagiarism

Chicago Author/Date

Quantic uses the Chicago Manual of Style Author Date system as a style guide for citations.

There are basically two parts:

  • In Text Notes

    These are little parenthetical references in the body of your work, with the author's last name and date, so that the reader knows 'I found this information here' (Example, 2019).

  • Reference List 

    This is where you list the full citations at the end of your document, so that people can find them.

Cheat Sheets

Here's a cheat sheet with examples.

And another one just for slides.

Why cite? 

Chicago is what we do, here's why:

  • So you can remember your sources - Remind yourself (and others!) where you found that data. The projects you work on for Quantic will be good touchstones throughout your career, remembering how you arrived at conclusions, or where you looked for information. The reason formal citation structure exists is to make it possible to find data sources months, years, even decades later. Links break. You'll misremember where you read something. Citations help.
  • So you can back up your arguments - When you're presenting an idea or strategy, having reliable, well respected sources strengthens your argument. 
  • So you can avoid plagiarism - Quantic defines plagiarism as: “Knowingly representing the work of others as one’s own, engaging in any acts of plagiarism, or referencing the works of others without appropriate citation.”  Your degree isn't about finding an expert opinion online and re-phrasing it, it's an opportunity to analyze business situations for yourself, think through hard questions, engage with concepts and respond with your own ideas on how to approach the problem. It's why you came. Beyond that, yes, we check, and the consequences for academic dishonesty can be strict, including redoing your work, doing an alternative assignment, losing the chance at honors, and even removal from the program. That is not how you want your academic career to go - cite your sources. 

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