Student Events Overview

Welcome to Student Events! There are ample opportunities for robust networking and out-of-classroom learning opportunities at Quantic, including but not limited to: 

Virtual Events

Each month, we host a variety of virtual events. So download Zoom and a custom Quantic background, and prepare to mingle with your classmates! 

  • Cohort Orientation: At the beginning of the program, you will be invited to meet your cohort in fun, interactive Zoom sessions. Join one or multiple sessions—the more you join, the more classmates you will connect with!
  • Industry Meetups: Each month, you will be invited to join industry-based meetups to meet folks from your industry or an industry you may be interested in pivoting to. These include consulting, tech, legal, and many more! 
  • Media Clubs: Each month, you will be invited to join Book, Podcast, Documentary, and Ted Talk clubs. Hosted by members of the Quantic Engagement team, these events are topical, engaging, and a fun way to meet new people. 
  • Language Meetups: These discussion-based meetups are conducted in numerous languages and hosted by native speakers (Quantic students or alums). Language Meetups aim to facilitate networking among students and alums in various languages.
  • Casual Meetups: We host casual meetups, such as location-based or holiday mixers, regularly.
  • Student Organizations: Besides the many events organized and facilitated by Quantic staff, students can join, create, and lead Student Organizations around a topic or area of interest. Topics do not have to be explicitly related to the business curriculum. Student Organizations and their representatives are responsible for coordinating these groups' operations and scheduling and hosting events relevant to their members. To get involved, please take a look at this article

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In-Person Events

You can also look forward to a diverse array of in-person events held across the globe! 

  • Conferences: Our global Quantic Conferences are opportunities to network with classmates and participate in live group learning activities. Conference objectives emphasize the opportunity to connect, network, and learn through case studies, workshops, site visits, and keynote speeches. Conferences span multiple days and occur numerous times per year. You'll need to register to attend; a registration fee is associated with participation. This registration fee does not cover lodging and travel expenses, and participants are responsible for booking and paying for their travel arrangements and accommodation to attend Quantic Conferences.
  • In-Person Meetups and Events: These are predominately student-hosted events in metro areas worldwide. A Meetup can be a casual networking mixer at a coffee shop or bar, a tour of Facebook's NYC Headquarters (true story), or anything in between. This article discusses how to attend and host an In-Person Meetup or Event.
  • Immersion Weekends: Immersion Weekends are similar to Conferences, but programming is planned around a central theme. Examples of Immersion Weekend themes include Social Entrepreneurship, Digital Futures, and Women in Leadership. At Immersion Weekends, all case studies, site visits, workshops, and activities related to the central theme of the weekend. In addition, Immersion Weekends tend to have a smaller group of attendees. 

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Additional Reading and Documents

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