Creating a Digital Signature for Exam Verification

For Quantic students enrolled in the Class of November 2024 and beyond, Quantic partners with BioSig-ID for their exam proctoring services. With BioSig-ID, you will create a 4 character password. When you enroll your unique password, BioSig-ID takes note of how you draw the characters on your mobile or desktop device and notes your unique pattern. Once you’ve created your digital exam signature, using it is easy, just draw 4 characters before your exam and you’re validated to take the exam on that device. As setting up your signature is a multi-step process, we’re here to help!

Step 1: Navigate to your Enrollment Requirements

Step 2: Choose a password

Step 3: Confirm your password

Step 4: Set up a backup password

Step 5: A final confirmation

Tips & Tricks

Step 1: Navigate to your Enrollment Requirements

You can find the requirement set up your digital signature from the Enrollment sidebar on your Home page. Click "Create a digital signature for exam identity verification" to begin setup.

click to create a digital signature from your enrollment requirements sidebar

Step 2: Choose a 4-character password

BioSig-ID Enrollment page

BioSig-ID will automatically detect your device type (mobile or pc) and choose the best device option for your enrollment between the following:

  1. Mouse
  2. TouchPad
  3. Stylus
  4. TouchScreen

You can see which device option it is expecting you will be using, but you can click to change to any of the others if it selected incorrectly.

Click to change your device type

Choose between Mouse, Stylus, TouchPad, and TouchScreen

Quantic recommends taking the time to set up two different device types. One for your computer (Mouse or TouchPad) and one for your mobile device (TouchScreen). Because BioSig validates on a per-device basis, you will need to go through this setup process twice, once on each device. If you complete both setups at the start of your program, you'll save yourself the time later!

In the DrawPad provided, draw a simple 4-character password. Letters and numbers are highly recommended, but not required. You can find more recommendation in our Tips & Tricks article if you're having trouble getting BioSig-ID to accept your password.

What password should I choose

  • Pick a password you can easily remember.
  • Letters and numbers are highly recommended, but not required
  • Remember, it's how you write that matters, not what it looks like.

An example password consisting of a mix of four numbers and capital letters

Step 3: Confirm your password (twice!)

Once you have chosen a BioSig-ID you are happy with, you will be asked to enter it several more times to confirm your specific pattern of drawing and that it will not be too complex for you to repeat.

A green confirmation message indicates that your password was accepted.

The DrawPad box asks you confirm your password

The final DrawPad confirmation

The third and final DrawPad confirmation box

Step 4: Set up a backup Click-ID password

In case your BioSig-ID confirmation fails in the future, BioSig will also ask you to set up a backup password by selecting characters from an onscreen numpad. This Click-ID doesn't need to be the same as your BioSig-ID, but it can be.

Note: If you do not remember your BioSig-ID or Click-ID passwords you can reset these via email.

Set up a backup Click-ID

As you click or touch your selections, dots will appear on the keyboard

Yellow dots appear where you click

You don't need to overthink it, but be aware that when you click on one specific area of the virtual keyboard, you will be expected to repeat that same behavior. We recommend always aiming for the center!

Our click areas don't match the initial setup

Step 5: The final confirmation

After setting up your BioSig-ID and Click-ID, you will be asked to complete one final confirmation of your BioSig-ID to finalize the process

You are almost done!

Validate your Identity in the DrawPad

Tips & Tricks

Write down your BioSig-ID password! This is not a typical typed password.

We recommend making a note so you don't forget what you drew.

Remember, what it looks like doesn't matter. It's how you wrote your password that's important.

How to reset your password:

If you are unable to complete this verification process, reset your BioSig password and try again before emailing Quantic Support staff at

Still need help?

If you're receiving multiple error messages or having trouble setting up your BioSig-ID exam password, we're here to help.

Click here for some troubleshooting tips and tricks from Quantic

Visit BioSig-ID's own Support site.

Note: Don't worry, your exam timer won't start counting down until after you have successfully verified your BioSig-ID.

Please note that support staff hours are Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm Eastern Time. Support requests received over the weekend may not receive immediate response.

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