Can I complete coursework offline?

The ability to complete coursework offline in the Quantic mobile app is available for a select number of students. We look forward to rolling out this feature for everyone soon!

Where can I find the Quantic mobile app?

Conveniently access Quantic with one touch by downloading our app for iPhone and our app for Android.

How do I enable Offline mode?

Enable Offline Mode in the Preferences section of the app. You can also begin a lesson and an option to enable it will pop up before you begin. Once offline mode is enabled, lessons will begin downloading in the background. Feel free to use the app normally during this time.

How can I tell if a course can be completed offline?

All coursework is automatically downloaded for offline work after you download and sign into the Quantic app. You can confirm that lessons are ready to use offline by looking for this cloud symbol

Can I take an exam or SMARTCASE while offline?

No. Exams and SMARTCASEs must be completed while you are connected to the Internet or a cellular data plan.

Can I work offline from a desktop device?

Offline mode is currently only available from the Quantic mobile app on phones and tablets. Downloading the app to a laptop or desktop may allow you to use this feature; however, be aware that as it was designed for mobile devices it may not work as expected from a computer.

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