How are SMARTCASEs scored? (Class of December 2024 and prior)

General scoring: Scoring for SMARTCASEs is very simple. Each challenge is scored separately and all challenges are weighted the same. Your final SMARTCASE score is the percentage of points you get correct over the total number of points within a SMARTCASE. There can be one or several challenges on a single slide within a lesson. For example, a matching slide with four challenges (like the one in the image below) would be worth four points.

Scoring of typing challenges: For challenges that involve typing, you are not penalized for typing in incorrect characters. You only lose a point when you click the "Hint" button on a particular typing challenge.

SMARTCASEs and your final score: SMARTCASEs count as a percentage of your final score. We will use your best score on any particular SMARTCASE and count that toward your final score. (For example, say you complete a SMARTCASE three times, scoring a 70% the first time, 85% the second time, and a 95% the last time. Only the 95% score would count towards your final grade.)

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