What are Specializations in the EMBA curriculum?

Quantic Specializations allow Executive MBA students to get a deeper understanding of topics they’re interested in. During each of the three month-long specialization periods, students choose at least one specialization to study, complete coursework related to that specialization, and conclude with an exam. In order to graduate, each student needs to complete three specializations, with the option to complete more.

If a student completes more than three specialization exams, only the top three specialization exam scores will be counted toward that student's final grade. All of your completed specializations will appear in your transcript. To select a specialization, all you have to do is click on the one you are interested in on the Quantic dashboard and get started! You do not have to email us or notify anyone - we’ll be able to see the three you complete at the end of the program!

Nine specializations are currently available: Advanced Corporate-Level Strategy, Advanced Finance, Advanced Statistical Inference, Blockchain, Data Analysis, Startup Entrepreneurship, Strategic Thinking, Supply Chain and Operations, and US Business Law. 

While we have included periods in your schedule in which we suggest you complete a specialization, you may complete the courses in each specialization at any time. The specialization exams will open once all of the courses in that specialization are completed. Please note that some specializations build off of concentrations and therefore require pre-requisite courses:

  • Data Analysis & Advanced Statistical Inference both require courses in the Data & Decisions Concentration.
  • Advanced Finance requires courses from the Finance concentration
  • Supply Chain and Operations requires courses from the Operations Management concentration
  • Advanced Corporate-Level Strategy requires courses from the Strategy concentration.

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