What additional software will I need to complete my degree?

For an optimal experience in the Quantic MBA or Executive MBA programs, you will want to make sure you have access to the following tools: 

Required tools: 

  1. A valid e-mail address: The Quantic team will regularly reach out to you via e-mail to provide you with progress updates, assignment prompts, grades, and more to help you stay on track throughout the course of your studies. Please make sure that you add emba@quantic.edu, mba@quantic.edu, projects@quantic.edu, and admissions@quantic.edu to your e-mail provider's whitelist to ensure that we're able to reach you.
  2. A computer or smart phone: See our minimum requirements here. While all of our courses can be completed using a smart phone, certain optional courses, such as those teaching Excel, may also require the use of a computer for an optimal learning experience. 

Recommended tools: 

  1. Slack: Upon admission into your degree program, you'll be sent a link to access your cohort's Slack group. Here, you'll be able to interact with your fellow students, interact with Quantic faculty and staff, and receive important updates and reminders.  
  2. A working webcam: To attend our virtual academic and networking events, you may find it helpful to have a working webcam for these sessions. 
  3. Excel and other software programs: In some cases, we may recommend that you have access to a software program, like Microsoft Excel. If you're using Microsoft Excel to complete any of our coursework, you'll need to load the Analysis Toolpak. See this guide from Microsoft for more information on how to load the Toolpak.
  4. Microsoft Office Online: Access web versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and more!  Click here for instructions on how to get set up with Office 365.
  5. Harvard Business Review subscription: While HBR allows non-subscribers to access a limited number of free articles per month, we recommend that students subscribe to HBR in order to access additional readings linked in the course material as often as they'd like and to explore their own areas of interest more deeply. HBR offers a discounted academic subscription rate to students—you can use your students.quantic.edu email address to sign up.

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