What happens if my payment fails?

Occasionally, your credit card may fail due to insufficient funds or a hold placed on your account by your financial institution. We recommend reaching out to your financial institution to work with them to ensure the success of your future payments.

For more information on updating your payment information, please click here.

If your payment fails, you will receive an e-mail from Stripe notifying you of the error. Stripe will continue to attempt charging the card on file.  

In some cases, your payment may fail due to additional verification needed by the bank. In order to complete payment, please follow the prompts provided in Stripe.

After three failed attempts, your Quantic account will be locked until you update your payment information. You will have one week to update your information or contact Quantic regarding your situation, after which time you will be expelled from the program. 

If you need any assistance with billing, please contact us at billing@quantic.edu. 

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