IDology photo best practices

IDology uses photo verification to confirm your identity. This means that your photographic ID will be verified by comparing your ID photo to a photo you take of yourself. Therefore, it is very important you take clear and high-quality photos!

Here are some tips for taking the best IDology photos:

  • Make sure you are taking your photo on a smartphone or tablet with a working camera
  • For your ID photos, use landscape mode to maximize space
  • If you are using a Passport as your ID, be sure to include both "halves" of the passport book in your photo, so there is blank, or table space around all four edges.
  • Minimize glare - do not take your photo in direct sunlight or with very bright lighting
  • Minimize shadows - make sure there are no shadows over your ID or your own face in the photos
  • In a well-lit room, turn off overhead lights to reduce both glare and shadows on an ID
  • Take a headshot photo - a photo that includes only from just below your shoulders to the top of your head.
  • Take a photo of yourself looking straight at the camera - it cannot be an angled or side profile photo
  • If you are wearing glasses in your ID photo, wear them for the IDology photo, and vice-versa - if you are not wearing glasses in your ID photo, do not wear them for the IDology photo
  • Confirm that the ID you are using matches what you chose in the dropdown
  • Try a new ID type if you are having continued failure.

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