Tuition tax documentation

Will you be sending out 1098-T forms to US students?

No.  While Quantic is an accredited institution, we currently do not participate in or accept Title IV federal financial aid, which is a requirement for an institution to issue the 1098-T form to students.

Can you provide me with your Employer Identification Number (EIN) for tax purposes?

We typically only provide our W9 (which includes the EIN) to businesses to whom we are providing services. Because we are not authorized by the IRS to provide individual tax documents, we are not able to provide our EIN to individuals as a policy.

What tax forms can you provide?

If you need receipts or account statements for your previous tuition payments, we are always happy to provide those. Please email for assistance!  We also always recommend that you work with your accountant for tax-related questions such as these.

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