Career Services

The mission of the Career Services team is to provide high-quality, personalized career coaching and programming to students and alumni as they make career advancements and pivots, and/or become entrepreneurs. The overall goal is to increase overall career readiness and success through workshops, coaching, and networking engagements with students, alumni, and employers. 

Given that each career journey is unique, all Quantic students have access to the following career offerings: 

Career Consults: 1-on-1 live career coaching sessions, focused on topics such as career clarity, networking,  job search strategies, interview prep, and negotiations.

LinkedIn Reviews: Asynchronous reviews of your profile to ensure you are maximizing the platform to meet your career goals.

Resume and Cover Letter Reviews: Asynchronous reviews of your resume/CV and cover letters focusing on formatting and quick feedback.

Resume Consults: 1-on-1 live sessions reviewing your resume (or cover letter) as targeted to a particular job opportunity or goal.

Workshops: Live and recorded sessions covering key career management topics including Designing Your Life, networking, interview preparation, and career transitions and advancement.

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