Program Reinstatement Policy

Students can request to be reinstated within one calendar year of withdrawal or removal from the program. To be considered for reinstatement, please email to schedule an appointment. 

If reinstatement is approved, the student will be placed into a current cohort based on their progress in the program and cohort schedules. Students can only be considered for reinstatement into their original program, e.g. if previously removed from the Quantic EMBA program, reinstatement can only be considered for the Quantic EMBA program. Additionally, students approved for reinstatement will be required to bring their tuition account into good financial standing prior to reinstatement.

Students will not be considered for reinstatement, and will need to submit a new application to the program, if any of the following statements apply: 

  • They have previously used the maximum amount of deferrals per the deferral policy.
  • They do not meet the current eligibility requirements.
  • They have surpassed the three year timeline for degree completion.
  • They have been inactive or away from the program for over one year. 
  • They were previously expelled due to a Code of Conduct violation. 
  • They request to be withdrawn.

If you have questions about the reinstatement process or your eligibility, please email

Please visit the Quantic Catalog for the reinstatement policy following academic suspension.

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