What is a digital signature for exam verification?

For Quantic students enrolled in the Class of November 2024 and beyond, your digital signature is required to take exams as an alternative to traditional exam proctoring.

Quantic partners with BioSig-ID which allows you to create a 4 digit passcode. When you set up your digital signature, BioSig takes note of how you draw the characters on your mobile or desktop device and notes your unique pattern. Once you’ve created your exam signature, using it is easy, just draw 4 characters before your exam and you’re validated to take the exam on that specific device.

You will be prompted to verify your identity ahead of each exam. Note that an Internet connection is required to both verify your exam signature and take the exam.

The Exam page shows green Verify Identity box to unlock and begin the exam

Your exam timer does not begin until after your identity has been verified

A green Start Exam button confirms that you have 5 hours to complete the exam once it has been started

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