Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Students must maintain a cumulative score of at least 70% to remain in good academic standing and earn their degree. All courses, including those in core subject areas, specializations, and electives, taken after matriculation as a degree candidate are used to calculate a student's final score. Students who do not meet the 70% minimum score upon conclusion of the master’s degree program are withdrawn from the program. 

Standards of Graduate Programs Satisfactory Academic Progress

All students must maintain satisfactory academic progress to maintain continuous enrollment in the master’s degree program. To maintain satisfactory academic progress students must:

  • Maintain a cumulative score of at least 70% as measured 
    • after the midterm (MBA cohorts starting before August 2021) or 
    • after the Data and Decisions exam (MBA cohorts starting after August 2021 and Executive MBA);
  • Achieve a minimum passing score of 80% in SMARTCASEs;
  • Complete all degree requirements within three calendar years of matriculation.

Students are responsible for maintaining satisfactory academic progress. Students encountering academic difficulty in courses or in meeting other degree requirements are expected to consult with an academic advisor as soon as possible by emailing [email protected].

Academic Probation

Students whose score falls below 70% at any point after completing the midterm (MBA cohorts starting before August 2021) or Data and Decisions exam (MBA cohorts starting after August 2021 and Executive MBA) are placed on academic probation.

While on probation, a student must:

  • Achieve at least a 70% score in each subsequent exam; and
  • Be continuously enrolled or on an approved leave of absence.

Students who fail to meet the above conditions may retake SMARTCASEs as many times as desired to improve their scores and are encouraged to submit any outstanding projects and presentations. If the conditions are still not met, they will be suspended from their program.

Academic Suspension and Readmission

Students who are unable to meet the conditions of probation are suspended.  Students may request reinstatement from a suspension by completing and submitting the Request for Reinstatement form. The request should offer a clear explanation of changed circumstances and how the student plans to raise their cumulative final score to at least 70%. The request must be submitted within one year following suspension.

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