How are EMBA project scores calculated? (July 2019 and later)

Projects are graded on a scale of one to five. A score of at least a 3 is required to pass your written Capstone project, while all other projects and proctored examinations in the form of oral presentations require at least a 2. To comply with accreditation standards, you must receive a passing grade on all of your presentations in order to graduate. Additionally, you must pass both your Capstone project and presentation to be eligible for graduation.

If you receive a passing score on a project, a score of 100 is averaged into your final project score. For failures or unsubmitted projects, a score of 0 is averaged into your final score. For example, if you receive a 3/5 on a project, a 100 will be averaged into your final project score (not a 60).

If you receive a failing grade, you are welcome to resubmit a revised project; however, you will only have the opportunity to resubmit twice before the grade of your most recent submission becomes final. To reduce the volume of grading for our staff, we ask that you not resubmit a project that has already received a passing grade—receiving a higher grade will not change your final project score (e.g., both a 3 and 5 will count as a 100 in your final score).

Project Grade Appeal Process

If you disagree with the grade and feedback you receive, you can reply directly to the email containing your feedback. Your project and your original feedback will be passed on to a different grader for evaluation. You will receive feedback and recommendations on the grade from the instructor. If you disagree with the recommended grade, which may or may not be different from your previous grade, then you can submit a grade appeal.

To submit a grade appeal, send an email to with "Project Grade Appeal" in the subject. Within the body of the email, compose a statement explaining the grounds for the appeal and be sure to attach any documentary support for your appeal, such as the grading sheet from the instructor, feedback and other communications related to the grading, etc.  

Your grade appeal will be referred to the Grade Appeal Committee. To ensure the fairness of the review process, the committee is formed by one instructor who has not graded your appealed work before, and one student from Quantic School of Business and Technology. The committee will review your case and related materials and respond to you by email in one week:

  • If the Committee does not find sufficient grounds to change the grade, both you and your instructor will be notified by email.
  • If the Committee does find sufficient reason to change your grade, both you and your instructor will be notified by email, and your grade will be changed accordingly.
  • The decision of the Committee is final.

If at any point during the appeal process, including initial email communication, you use inappropriate or abusive language towards Quantic staff, your appeal will automatically be rejected and you may be subject to expulsion per the Quantic Student Code of Conduct.

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