Transcript Requirements FAQ

Quantic School of Business and Technology requires that learners have earned at least a bachelor's degree from an accredited U.S. institution or its international equivalent from an accredited international institution, as determined by an internal evaluation or a NACES-approved evaluation service. 

Quantic School of Business and Technology takes measures to verify the prior academic history of all students. Upon registration, students are required to submit unofficial transcripts confirming that the minimum eligibility criteria is met by the Enrollment Documents Deadline, four weeks prior to the start of the program. Additionally, Quantic requires all students to supply official transcripts for their highest earned degree by their eighth week in the program. Documents emailed or mailed directly from a student will be considered unofficial.  If students are able to provide an official transcript directly from their prior institution by the Enrollment Documents Deadline, the unofficial transcript would not be necessary.

Click here to review the complete list of all Enrollment Documentation Requirements. Failure to complete these enrollment requirements or meet eligibility requirements may result in removal from the Quantic program. Please also review our Student Transcript Policy for additional information regarding transcripts and submission. 

An official transcript is an official copy of a student’s educational record at a post-secondary institution that is sent to Quantic directly from the institution. Transcripts are different from a diploma certificate or degree confirmation letter. Transcripts usually list all courses taken, final grades received, credits (and honors) earned, degrees or certifications awarded including corresponding dates of enrollment and completion, and includes the registrar's original signature and/or the original seal of the issuing institution. Transcripts are also commonly referred to as Marksheets, Diploma Supplements, or Higher Education Academic Records (HEAR) documentation. 

Unofficial transcripts can be sent to us via email or uploaded by you into your student profile. Unofficial transcripts also contain courses taken, grades, etc. however do not necessarily have the seal of the issuing institution and are not supplied directly from the institution. All copies, scans, student uploads, or forwarded documents from students will be categorized as unofficial documents. 

Official transcripts must be mailed or emailed directly from the degree-granting institution or an authorized third party to Quantic Enrollment Services ( Emailed transcripts should be sent from the office or department designated by the university to issue/ retain student academic records.  You may opt to mail the official transcript yourself, however they must be in an envelope sealed by the degree-granting institution.

If students are able to provide an official transcript directly from their prior institution by the Enrollment Documents Deadline, the unofficial transcript would not be necessary.

We accept both official digital OR official physical transcripts. It is recommended that students request the official transcript as soon as possible. The transcript is not required to be mailed physically in order to be considered official. If your institution is able to process digital transcripts, we highly recommend that you request the transcript to be sent electronically. Electronic transcript submission is often a more efficient option in the request process. If your prior institution is unable to send digital transcripts, we also accept physical transcripts mailed directly from your prior institution.

Official digital transcripts should be emailed to, either directly from your institution or from a secure third-party service used by your prior institution, such as National Student Clearinghouse, OpenCerts, etc. We also accept transcripts through the TrueCopy network, for transcripts from select institutions in India.

Official physical transcripts should be mailed to the following address:

Quantic School of Business & Technology
c/o Quantic Registrar
2810 N Church St
PMB 41580
Wilmington, Delaware 19802-4447

Please note that Quantic School of Business and Technology cannot be responsible for transcripts which do not make it to their destination. While not required, it is recommended that students secure a tracking number for official transcripts that are sent through physical mail in order for Quantic to confirm when the transcript is sent and received.

If you have graduated from multiple institutions, we require official documentation from the school where you earned your highest degree, or a degree that confirms that you meet our minimum eligibility criteria. Unofficial transcripts must be submitted by the Enrollment Documents Deadline, which is approximately four weeks prior to the start of each cohort. We do encourage you to upload your unofficial transcripts as soon as possible during the application process. This will help us get started on reviewing your eligibility.  If you are able to provide an official transcript directly from their prior institution by the Enrollment Documents Deadline, the unofficial transcript would not be necessary.

To upload your unofficial transcripts, follow the steps below:

  • Once logged in to your student account, you will see a box on the right-hand side that reads, "Please Finish Enrollment."
  • Click on"Upload Your Unofficial Transcripts" and you will be taken to the Documents upload page. 
  • You will then see an Upload button next to each of your listed degree programs. 
  • Click on this button and you can upload your unofficial transcripts directly from your device. If you do not see this button, you may email your documents to

Documents should be compiled into one PDF for EACH school, with an identifiable name, and the document should be legible. Documentation with photos, saved in cloud storage (eg. Google Drive links), password protected, saved as JPEG or any other inaccessible file format, file sizes over 10MB, poor resolution, missing information, or including any other distracting information to evaluating degree documentation may require follow up or re-submission.  If you have any trouble with this process, please reach out to our Enrollment Services department by sending an email to You may attach your documents to the email however they must also meet the upload requirements stated above. 

Accepted students are required to sign their Enrollment Agreement, and submit unofficial transcripts and English Language Proficiency documents by the Enrollment Documents Deadline. Please click here for additional information regarding the English Language Proficiency requirements, if applicable. Official transcripts for the highest earned degree must be submitted by the eighth week in the program. If you are able to provide an official transcript directly from their prior institution by the Enrollment Documents Deadline, the unofficial transcript would not be necessary. A complete list of enrollment document requirements can be found here.

Please visit your Quantic dashboard and check the Enrollment section on the right-hand side. In this section you will see the list of required transcripts marked with which one needs to be official. If you have questions about the degrees listed, or would like to amend any information, please email

In order to meet requirements, all documents must be provided in English. Students should request to have transcripts in English sent directly to Quantic School of Business and Technology from their prior institution. Translated transcripts must be submitted by the degree-granting institution itself, the Ministry of Education (or another governing body), or a NACES-member evaluation service. If an English translation is not available, please contact the Office of Enrollment Services at to discuss next steps and available options. For more information regarding the evaluation or translation of international documents, please review the Submission of International Documents article. 

Quantic School of Business and Technology accepts three-year bachelor’s degrees earned from institutions that are members of the Bologna Process. For applicants who have earned three-year bachelor’s degrees from accredited institutions that are not part of the Bologna Process, Quantic conducts an internal review and, if necessary, requires a third-party evaluation of submitted transcripts by a NACES-approved evaluation service. Based on the results of this review and evaluation, Quantic determines whether applicants are eligible for admission to the programs offered. If the evaluation results demonstrate that an applicant does not meet the stated minimum eligibility requirements, the applicant will be denied full admission to the degree programs. If applicants completed additional academic study beyond the three-year bachelor’s degree (e.g., a master’s degree, postgraduate diploma, or other postgraduate degrees), these degrees will be considered during the eligibility review.

Please do not mail any irreplaceable documents such as your original diploma. We cannot return any documents once they are submitted to us. We would be happy to work with you to find the best solution to meet the transcript requirement. Please contact our office at to discuss available options. 

Most universities will provide transcripts or diploma supplements to other institutions registrars upon request of the student. We recommend reaching out to a relevant office at your institution to submit this request. If this is not possible, or if you have any questions, please email and we will review your options with you. 

For students who previously attended an international institution that cannot provide official transcripts due to extenuating circumstances, we may be able to offer a verification service to confirm your academic eligibility. For more information regarding the evaluation, translation, or verification of international documents, please review the Submission of International Documents article. 

If official transcripts are temporarily unavailable due to COVID-19 restrictions, you can submit unofficial transcripts under our COVID-19 Transcript Extension Policy.

You must also submit documentation that official transcripts were requested (forwarded email correspondence, etc.). Official transcripts will be due prior to your anticipated date of graduation in order to receive your diploma and other graduation documentation (e.g., Quantic official transcripts). As a part of the COVID-19 Extension Policy, you will still be required to provide updates on your official transcript request throughout your matriculation. Failure to provide adequate updates or communication regarding this requirement may result in removal from the Quantic program in accordance with Quantic's official transcript requirement.

If the name on your transcript does not match your Quantic student record, please let us know in advance of sending an official transcript for the highest degree earned. We may request name change documentation on a case-by-case basis.

Please visit your Quantic Home page, and check the Enrollment section on the right-hand side. This section will update once all enrollment requirements are satisfied. Please note that during high volume periods, it can take 1-2 weeks to upload documents that arrive via mail.

Accepted students who do not submit unofficial transcripts prior to the start of their cohort will be deferred to a future cohort. 

Failure to submit official transcripts by the end of the eighth week of enrollment will result in an academic hold. If continued delinquency occurs, subsequent removal from the Quantic School of Business and Technology may result.

When registering for your ETS, GMAC, or IELTS assessments, you can select Quantic School of Business and Technology as the recipient.  You may also select the institution codes below for each listed assessment:  

  • GRE code: 2912  
  • TOEFL code: C929
  • For the GMAT, Executive Assessment, and IELTS, you can select our institution from a dropdown menu or send your Test Report Form Number to
  • Designated Institution (DI/CEEB) Code: 9207

For additional information regarding the submission of English language assessment results, please visit the English Language Proficiency page.

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